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What Other Developers Have Asked

Questions other Oracle developers have asked ...

I need filter the phone Records from table with following requirmnet? 
I/P : Phone column data are like Phone ------ 77---78-584--12 77---7-8584--12 77-45---78584--12 77----78584--12-545 O/P: 77-78-584-12 77-7-8584-12 …

where shall i start to be certified for oracle developer? 
I am preparing to be oracle certified on developer side so what exams i have to take and what are the certification path of developer? thank you abi …

I have a doubt regarding oracle sql 
How to find unused tables in Particular Schema in Oracle?

Automated Stats gather on schema is not gathering Index stats 
Hi. We have automated stats gather on the schema in a database. This job runs everyday. when i check last_analysed date for tables in the schema, it has …

Installation of Oracle Database and Oracle EBS 12 on Oracle Virtual Box 
Hello, I have two questions which I hope you can answer. 1. Why do you have to install Oracle Linux 6 on the Virtual box before installing Oracle 11g? …

how to display table vertically in Oracle? 
i want to print the table (for ex:emp)in vertical manner is it possible or not pls help me..... ?

What's the difference between varchar and varchar2 datatypes in Oracle? 
What's the difference between varchar and varchar2 datatypes?

Oracle books 
book that is best for begineers for learning oracle,having basic ideas and concepts

why am i getting test failure message when i try to test connections 
Status : Failure -Test failed: Listener refused the connection with the following error: ORA-12505, TNS:listener does not currently know of SID given …

about sql developer 
Hello, I've a macbook pro OS X 10.9.2 and i want to use sql developer app, but it need jdk 7 to get it work. I've download the latest java version …

what is procedure and what is stored procedure? 
what is procedure and what is stored procedure?

Accessing blobs from an Oracle database in a Delphi 7 program 
Hi, I create table in oracle 10g xe as: create table empblob( empno int, name varchar2(30), pic blob); How can I insert and manage blob files …

What is the pragma autonomous_transaction in PL/SQL? 
From Jamuna, Hyderbad - What is the AUTONOMOUS_TRANSACTION pragma in Oracle PL/SQL? PRAGMA's are simply directives (instructions) for the Oracle PL/SQL …

can we create variable name as table name in plsql 
can we create variable name as table name in plsql? example declare tab_name varchar2(100); a number; begin tab_name='emp'; select rownum into …

Need your help in pl/sql. 
I have a table having 6 column, and the 7th column I want to insert data depend upon the existed column. detail in excel attached. Kindly help me. …

what is the driving table ? Not rated yet
what is the driving table? To put it simply the driving table in Oracle is the table that is joined to other tables in an SQL query. For example: …

Where shall I start to be a certified Oracle DBA? Not rated yet
I would like to change my job from university professorship to Oracle DBA but I don't know where to start.I have been teaching and researching in a university …

need to get a list of data to combobox  Not rated yet
I am tryin to get a data from an Oracle database with a query like Select Employee_ID from Employees Where Department_ID = 100; this query …

what is the datatype of a %isopen attribute? Not rated yet
what is the datatype of a %isopen attribute? The answer to this is perhaps not as obvious as it might seem. "%ISOPEN" is one of the cursor attributes …

how jvm distinguish the float values Not rated yet
Which three are valid declarations of a float? float f1 = -343; float f2 = 3.14; float f3 = 0x12345; float f4 = 42e7; float f5 = 2001.0D; float …

oracle dba beginner Not rated yet
i will really like to become oracle dba.. but im totally lost and i don't know where to begin, im good with computers but i need guidance on every single …

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