data pump network import

by mahnoor

I have to import table data from a remote database to my own database. i was able to set up a database link and now i want to use data pump to import some of the data from the remote database. but im facing alot of problems. im new to oracle hence i have no experience with data pump.

i cant find suitable instruction online about how to use the datapump network link and how to import the data i need. i need to know the basic steps like what dump directories i have to set up and how to set them up etc etc. i need someone to give me step by step guidance on how to import table data from the remote data base.

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Mar 20, 2015
Using Data Pump
by: Anonymous

The best way to understand Oracle Data Pump is to read the Data Pump section of the Oracle Utilities Guide (see That tell syou about the different modes of import and export and the restrictions for each type.

In your particluar case, you want to do a table mode import via a network link to a remote Oracle database. To do this you need to have the database link already in place (which you do) and the user specified in the database link must have read access to the reuired tables. You don't need any Oracle directory objects as data pump doesn't create dump files in this mode.

Then all you need to do is to supply the relevant details to data pump - the names of the tables you wish to import and the name of the database link and any other command qualifications - when you invoke it.

Your command then would be something like the following:

impdp hr TABLES=employees NETWORK_LINK=old_db

In the above command "old_db" is the name of the link created by the CREATE DATABASE LINK command.

You can also over ride the default name and/or location of the log file by specifying the DIRECTORY paramater and/or the LOG_FILE parameter.

The DIRECTORY paramater specifies the name of an existing Oracle database directory object as opposed to a directory in the file system. It defaults to DATA_PUMP_DIR which is created as part of the database creation.

The LOG_FILE parameter specifies the name of teh file to be used as the log file and can be prefixed with the name of a database directory object in which case it overrides any directory speciifed by teh directory parameter.

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