how to change the password to running user

by nagaraj

hi... i need to know about some of my queries..

please tell me
1. how to change the password to running user?
2. how to increase the width of the column?
3.join the two tables display the dept no wise result as shown in the below tables
emp table( empno,empname,manager,sal, deptno) and dept table(deptno. deptname

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Mar 19, 2015
by: Anonymous

1. Use the ALTER USER command

It's the same command whether you're changing the password for your own account or someone else's.

2. Use the ALTER TABLE MODIFY command
eg. ALTER TABLE emp MODIFY (empname VARCHAR2(90))

3. To join 2 tables you need to know which columns are equivalent in the 2 tables. Often they have the same name but not alwys. When you've figured that out just use a SELECT statement specifying the tables you wnat to join and the column name from each table that you're joining on.

In your question emp and dept tables both have a column called deptno so this is the column to join on. Therefore the SQL statement becomes something like the following:
SELECT empname,deptname
FROM emp,dept
WHERE dept.deptno=emp.deptno

Refer to the Oracle Database SQL Language Reference for the complete syntax for these commands.

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