how to create database in oracle 10g XE?

by Tazeen
(Karachi, PaKISTAN)

i am new in oracle 10g XE i dont know how to create database and schema ? and also connect with visual studio 2008?

Oracle 10g XE comes with a sample database. One of the schemas provided in the sample database is the HR schema which includes fully populated tables DEPARTMENTS and EMPLOYEES amongst others so that you don't need to create your own database.

After installation of Oracle 10g XE you may find that the HR schema (account) is locked when you try to log in. If that is the case then use SQL*Plus which is installed along with Oracle to connect to the database and unlock the account as follows:
Start SQL*Plus
> connect / as sysdba --connect to the database as sys

XE> alter user hr account unlock;

XE>alter user hr identified by password;

This series of commands will unlock the account and change the password to "password" (without the quotes). Obviously you can set the password to anything you like.

To connect to the Oracle database from Visual Studio you need to add a reference to the relevant ODPNET.DLL from the project. See here for an example of how to do this.

For more help with Oracle see our PL/SQL tutorials or even better take a training course with one of our partners.

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