how to display table vertically in Oracle?

by vijay

i want to print the table (for ex:emp)in vertical manner is it possible or not pls help me..... ?

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Jun 17, 2015
Good post
by: Mr. Parker Trantow

What a great blog you have!

Apr 23, 2015
This works with all versions of Oracle
by: Anonymous

This example uses the employees table that is created with the sample hr schema and is not dependent on the version of Oracle you're using.

LTRIM(SYS_CONNECT_BY_PATH(last_name, ','), ',') the_employees
SELECT job_id,
row_number() over(PARTITION BY job_id ORDER BY job_id) rownbr,
count(*) over(PARTITION BY job_id) rowcnt
FROM employees
WHERE rownbr=rowcnt
START WITH rownbr = 1
CONNECT BY PRIOR rownbr = rownbr -1 AND PRIOR job_id = job_id;

If you're using Oracle 11gR2 or later you can use the LISTAGG function as in the following example.

listagg(last_name,',') WITHIN GROUP (ORDER BY last_name) the_employees
FROM employees
GROUP BY job_id;

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Also see the Oracle SQL Reference at

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