I am beginner. i like oracle more & want to develop software web based enriched latest technology.

by RA Ashweni
(Kanpur, U.P., India)

I am beginner and have no knowledge about oracle database & sql/pl. i like oracle more & want to develop software web based enriched latest technology.

Q1. i have developed a software in dBase-IV which i like most but now i want to develop a software in sql/pl environment with oracle database. pls explain - in dBase-IV we can do programming & database storage simultaneously. how oracle is similar for programming & database storage? how it is different? to dBase-IV.

Q2. suggest books in simple hindi or english language to saturate and develop expertness in programming & development of software with oracle/sql/pl.

Q3. suggest which language shoud i read & learn?. pls detail all points clearly if you feel not asked by me due to having no knowledge.

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Aug 01, 2015
by: Anonymous

sql is the way to go!

Jun 27, 2015
good post
by: Saeyva

Well! you want to learn pl/sql environment with oracle database. The plus point is you have programming background. so, it's easy for you to learn pl/sql development. I also don't have idea about pl/sq1 environment but the already answer which is given below is very helpful for both, for you and me.

Feb 26, 2015
Tips for Oracle beginner
by: Anonymous

As you already have programming experience and know about databases then you're off to a good start. THe big difference between Oracle and dBase iv is that Oracle uses SQL as the query language and PL/SQL as a programming language, although you can use many other languages including Java, .Net and C with Oracle.

PL/SQL is SQL with Oracle's proprietary procedural extensions to make it more pwoerful. See our PL/SQL tutorials starting at http://www.asktheoracle.net/plsql-tutorial.html for a great introduction to the language.

As for books for beginners, this was covered in the answer to another question - see http://www.asktheoracle.net/oracle-books.html

The best thing for anybidy wishing to learn Oracle is to download and install the database on your pc. By joining the Oracle Technology Network (http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/index.html) you will be able to download and install the Oracle software for free (subject to accepting the licensing conditions). The database software is avilable for Windows 64 bit as well as other operating systems.

Finally the following question and answer http://www.asktheoracle.net/beginners-courses-in-oracle.html also has some good tips for beginners.

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