I have a doubt regarding oracle sql

by Siddhartha

How to find unused tables in Particular Schema in Oracle?

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Sep 26, 2016
Finding unused tables
by: John

The answer depends on how you define an unused table. It could mean one that is currently empty - in which case this is a simple problem to solve.

Fortunately for us every Oracle database includes a data dictionatu. This contains a significant amount of metadata - data about the data - including the name of every obhect in the database (tables, columns, indexes, constraints, views, privileges, triggers, PL/SQL procedures, PL/SQL functions etc) as well as the ownwer of the object and a number of other attributes in a varity of views, the most pertinent of which in this case is USER_TABLES.

This view will tell you for each of your tables how many blocks of data it has. Note however that a table may still be using 1 more blocks of data even when it contains no rows if its high water mark has not been reset.

Issuing the SQL command TRUNCATE my_table; will reset the high water mark (to 0) but deleting rows from a table won't (even after a commit) so this is not a foolproof way of finding out which of your tables have no rows.

A better way to do this would be to select the NUM_ROWS column in USER_TABLES for each of your tables. One important point to be are of though is that neither the number of blocks used by a table nor the number of rows it contains will be stored in USER_TABLES until statistics have been gathered on the table. Before then both thses columns will have NULL values.

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