I need a sample Oracle database for practice

I am new to Oracle and I want to learn sql and pl/sql programming. Is there a sample database that I can practice on?

You can download the small footprint edition of Oracle - Oracle 10g Express Edition - from the Oracle Technology Network. This is available for Linux (x86) and Microsoft Windows. This is an entry-level database ideal for training yourself and there are no license restrictions.

If you want to learn the advanced features or you want the latest version of Oracle database then you can download the Enterprise Edition from the Oracle Technology Network. The Oracle database Enterprise Edition is available for Windows but has a much bigger footprint than the Express Edition and doesn't tend to work very well on a home pc. Alternatively you could download the Enterprise Edition for Linux x86 and install this in a virtual Linux environment by using VirtualBox. VirtualBox runs under Windows and enables you to install and use the Oracle database in a virtualized environment. See here for a step by step guide to installing Oracle in a virtual Linux environment.

Also see our Oracle tutorials, our sql tutorials and our Oracle pl/sql tutorials. These are designed for beginners to provide the concepts and then show you how to become proficient in SQL and PL/SQL.

The Oracle Technology Network also has many resources available for learning about the database and other technologies.

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