I need a sample schema please help!!!!

by Aliyev M.H

I need a sample schema for my database with tables, indexes, sequences etc. all queries in it in .txt(.doc,.pdf etc.). Can you help? Thank you.

The easiest way to get a sample schema is to download and install Oracle Express Edition from the Oracle Technology Network. Oracle XE is a small footprint database that is free to use and more importantly comes with a database populated with a sample schema (HR) which contains (almost) a full set of objects with tables, indexes, sequences, procedures, functions, triggers etc.

As for queries, you really have to write your own to learn and it obviously depends on what questions you want to ask (about your data), but a few simple queries to start with could be:
  • SELECT * FROM employees;
  • SELECT * FROM departments;
  • SELECT city FROM locations;
  • SELECT state_province,country_id FROM locations;
  • SELECT job_title,max_salary FROM jobs;
  • SELECT first_name||last_name FROM employees;
For more query ideas see our Oracle tutorials.

If you're interested in having some formal training see our oracle training page for information about on-site, off-site and on-line training courses.

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