Need to upload and download PDF using Oracloe Forms

by Sam

Hi All

There is a new requirement for my application based on Oracle forms 10g, users need to to upload and download PDF documents into database using the forms 10g application.

The document could be save as BLOB, but I did not find any equivilant data type in Forms

Looking for your advises.


This isn't something that we've done but Forms 10g should be able to use BLOBs via PL/SQL if nothing else as BLOB is a native database type from Oracle 10g onwards. As for uploading and downloading to and from the database, UTL_FILE can do that but only to the and from the database server itself not from a client.

So, if you need to upload from and download to the client what is the solution? A quick search came up with something that looks as if it may work. An enhanced HTML browser bean allows upload and download of files from the client using the Webutil FILE_TRANSFERT package.

The code for the Java Bean is available form SourceForge at There is some information about usage at and at

This is not something we've tested so we are not recommending it and we can't take any responsibility for using it. If you decide to use it try it on a development system first (preferably stand alone).

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