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I am new to SQL and am trying to install SQL developer on mac. I have followed your youtube tutorial. When i go to test the connection i get an error message that says: "Network adapter could not establish connection".

My question is:
Do i need to have any other SQL software installed before using SQL developer and do i need databases already on my mac as i have only downloaded SQL developer.

Congratulations on taking the first steps to learn SQL and whilst it may seem a daunting task, stick with it as in the end it's not all that difficult even if you're not an experienced programmer. SQL after all was designed for end-users (i.e. business users) not technical staff. We can help you learn Oracle and SQL with this introductory Oracle tutorial and our series of SQL tutorials and by providing formal training courses on-line and off-line.

Oracle SQL Developer however is a little trickier to master. As you already have it installed we don't need to cover that. What you say you don't have, though, is a database and without a database to connect to, you won't be able to run any SQL statements as these are run on the database either to query the database to retrieve data or to modify the contents of the database.

The next stage therefore is to download and install a database. Unfortunately for you, Oracle no longer produce a version of their database for the Apple Mac, fortunately this is not a show stopper.

Oracle database is available for MS Windows, Linux and Solaris for x86 and x86(64). Therefore as long as you have an Intel-compaitble x86 (32 bit or 64 bit) processor you will be able to download and use Oracle. Before you can do that however, you'll need one of MS Windows, Linux or Solaris under which to install the database. You don't need to replace OS X, you can use Oracle VirtualBox to create a virtual machine on your Mac in which you can then install Linux and Solaris both of which you can download and use for free from Oracle's website.

Creating a virtual machine with VirtualBox and installing Linux and then the Oracle database on that virtual machine is relatively straightforward is covered in a series of 3 tutorials.
  1. The first tutorial covers the installation of Oracle VirtualBox and the creation of a virtual machine.
  2. The 2nd tutorial covers the installation and confguration of Linux on the virtual machine in preparation for installing the Oracle 11g database software.
  3. and the third tutorial covers the installation and configuration of the database in the virtual Linux environment.

Even though there are many free tutorials on our site and on other sites including Oracle) we do recommend formal training as this can save you a great deal of time and frustration in the beginning and ensures you learn the essential topics very quickly. See our training page for more details.

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Sep 04, 2013
Oracle Developer Days Virtual Box
by: thatjeffsmith

Or you can download an image we've already setup for you to learn and experiment with!

You can download that here

It has 11gR2 EE on it with SQL Developer already setup and configured to connect.

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