Oracle 11g

Oracle 11g was released in 2007 and introduced many new features enabling database administrators and developers to adapt quickly to changing business requirements by simplifying the infrastructure and using automating tasks wherever possible.

Like previous releases of Oracle, Oracle 11g is a relational database with object and Extensible Markup Language (XML) capabilities. 

In the relational data model, all data is stored in two-dimensional tables composed of rows and columns. An Oracle database enables the storage, updating and retrieval of data with a 

high degree of performance, reliability, and scalability.

An Oracle 11g database is made up of the following components:

  • the Oracle software 
  • the database itself (the physical files on disk)
  • the Oracle instance which comprises the memory structure and the background and server processes 
  • Oracle Net - the software layer enabling client applications and the database to communicate over a network as well as the Oracle Netlistener, which listens for connection requests from the network.

Oracle 11g is available in 3 editions to meet the varying requirements of different organizations. 

  • Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition One is designed for workgroup, departmental, and web applications and runs on a single server with a maximum of 2 sockets

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  • Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition is available on single or clustered servers with a maximum capacity of four sockets in total and includes Oracle Real Application Clusters at no extra cost
  • Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition is available on single and clustered servers with no socket limitation. This is designed for mission-critical transactional applications, query-intensive data  warehouses, and mixed workloads.

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