Oracle export problem

by Sigrid


We have a table (Oracle9i Enterprise Edition Release - Production) with following data:

2 137 ebpreiss
3 8634 bapreiss
18 9969 roglaesk
19 9969 maweigl

After export with exp.exe from client 8.1
and import in another db the table is verified to following:

2 137 ebpreiss
3 8634 bapreiss
18 137 roglaesk
19 8634 maweigl

The Error is seen in the dump file.


There are 3 possible reasons we can think of why your Oracle export not containing what you think it should:
  1. the data in the table that has been exported could have been updated after the export occurred
  2. or there could be 2 tables with the same name in different schemas (accounts) and you are looking at one whilst exporting the other!
  3. you are not importing the data from the correct export dump file - check the parameters used for export and import and the location of your dump file

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