Oracle Forms Tab Canvasses Query

Is it possible in Oracle Forms 10g to create a tab-based form and have these dependent on the User? i.e. If four different tabs are created in one form and one tab is shown to one User and 3 tabs are shown to second user, how can we control this?

Oracle Forms 10g has several types of canvasses - content, stacked, tab, vertical toolbar and horizontal toolbar - most of the properties of which (depending on the type of canvas) can be controlled programatically within the form.

For tab canvasses in particular, there is an Oracle Forms 10g built-in procedure called SET_TAB_PAGE_PROPERTY which is used to set the properties of a particular tab page on the canvas. One of the properties that you can set is the VISIBLE property which determines whether or not the specified tab page is visible to the user.

Oracle Forms also has a built-in function called GET_APPLICATION_PROPERTY which returns various properties about the application and the environment including the USERNAME of the current operator. Combining this function with the SET_TAB_PAGE_PROPERTY procedure should enable you to display different tabs for different users. When turning tabs on and off you may also need to programatically navigate to or from a field on the tab to ensure it is "on top" and visible to the end user.

The help available from within the Forms Builder product is quite extensive.

Also see the Oracle Forms documentation OTN (the Oracle Technology Network).

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