Oracle PL/SQL and Oracle Forms Developer Certification

by Vishal Bhatia
(Pune, India)

Oracle Developer Certification Path

Oracle Developer Certification Path

I am working with ASP.Net and Oracle database, so I have decided to go for Oracle certification i.e Oracle PL/SQL and Oracle Forms Developer. I would like to know which path I should follow to become "Oracle PL/SQL Developer Certified Associate", IZ0-007 or IZ0-047 or IZ0-051.

If you're going to do this the best route would be to take IZ0-051 Oracle 11g SQL Fundamentals exam as Oracle 11g is the latest version.

IZ0-007 is specific to Oracle 9i which is now two versions behind and is now only on extended support so most organisations will have upgraded to Oracle 10g at least and when Oracle 12g is released, most organisations not already running Oracle 11g will start to plan upgrades to that so experience and certification with Oracle 11g will be more in demand than certification with Oracle 9i and Oracle 10g.

Passing the Oracle 11g SQL Fundamentals IZ0-051 exam and the Oracle Database 11g: Program with PL/SQL 1Z0-144 exam will qualify you as a PL/SQL Developer Oracle Certified Associate. To gain the Oracle Certified Professional level, you need to pass another exam Oracle Database 11g: Advanced PL/SQL 1Z0-146.

There are no hands-on training requirements for certification as a developer which means you can teach yourself via books and the internet (such as our PL/SQL tutorials) etc, however taking an instructor-led training course can speed up the learning process and give you the confidence to be able to develop larger programs. For instructor-led PL/SQL training in the UK we partner with Smartsoft Computing who offer training at centres across the UK.

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