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Oracle Training Courses for Developers and DBAs

Oracle training can be expensive - there's the cost of the course itself, the opportunity cost of not spending time on other things and possibly the cost of accommodation and/or travel.  So if you're spending all that  money or having to justify the cost to your boss you need to ensure you're getting optimal value and that there's a return on the investment.

Does attending an Oracle training coure provide a return? Many studies (including from Austrlia's National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER)) have established that an individual’s productivity levels can increase by eight per cent or more if he or she can apply the training to his/her role. An eight per cent increase in productivity may sound very modest but this is equivalent to an extra 160 hours (i.e. 20 days) of work per year!

How do you ensure you're optimising the value of your Oracle training?

Let's ask the British Computer Society. An article published on the BCS web site in April 2011 provided the following tips:
  • Align training with business goals - "If a training project is to be successful, then it should be tied to specific business goals." You do this by identifying goals for the next one, two, five and ten years, then identifying the skills you need and comparing them with the skills you have to identify skills shortages and therefore the training required.
  • Outline expectations from the outset - "provide a step-by-step personal development plan that includes measurable and quantifiable objectives."
  • Discuss how the skills will be used - "By engaging staff in a discussion at an early stage, they can understand the relevance, importance and practicalities of the course to their role. "
  • Find the right training mix - Classroom-based, instructor-led training has the benefit of offering hands-on training, whereas on-line training can be a lot cheaper. But beware as Karen Gardner in her article entitled "From Ugly Babies to Presentation Hell: 7 Solutions for Workforce Training" "E-learning can't be good. fast and cheap - good online training takes time to develop and costs time and money". She goes on to say that "Slapping a shell or narration around a Powerpoint presentation is like putting lipstick on the proverbial pig". In other words, you should expect to pay for good quality on-line training.
  • Measure, measure and measure - "Once a course has been completed, it is vital to measure employees’ initial reaction, satisfaction and planned action derived from a learning intervention" and teh BCS article continues that  "By gathering data on how employees are using their new-found skills, companies will be well placed to spot future skills gaps, while ensuring that staff are applying their skills to their roles."
The BCS article concludes "... the benefits are clear: a motivated and productive workforce, lower training costs and increased profits".

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Where to find good quality Oracle training

Now that the business goals have been identified and the skills gap mapped all you need to do is find a company providing the courses you need. That's where we come in. With our partners we offer Oracle training across the UK, and the U.S as well as on-line training.

Clcik here to see the dates, times and locations of the training courses offered in the UK.

Follow this link for OraPub's training on Oracle 12 with Performance tuning Analysis. 

Or head here to view all the Online training offered by OraPub

OraPub offers 10% off if you register for two or more online training seminars (use coupon code 2PP10 at checkout).
Students get 10% off when registering for two classes in California on December.

Check out the classroom-quality, on-line training courses here.

Once you've decided which Oracle training courses meet your needs contact us with the details and we'll arrange a discount for you.