using loop for input vales from needed

i m new with pl/sql...just started learning...

my problem is that as in c or c++ we can accept vales from user as many times by usin loops, i want to do same using pl/sql block but something is going wrong...the initial value that i enterd gets printed till the loop ends...
bellow is the block of code...pls correct me if i ma doing wrong..
thank u in advance

n number;
i number;
end loop;

o/p is

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Feb 23, 2015
PL/SQL is not designed to be interactive
by: John

The problem is you're using a SQL*Plus command within PL/SQL. The &n causes SQL*Plus to prompt for a value - but only once! The next time through the loop, SQL*Plus already has a value for n so it dopesn't pronpt for teh value to be entered.

PL/SQL is not designed to be interactive. Rather it is designed to lend some structure to SQL. Facilities in PL/SQL for direct interaction with an end user are very limited. There is no DBMS_INPUT, or DDBMS_READ package to read from the terminal. You could use UTL_FILE.GET_LINE to read the required values from a file but the file has to be accessible from the system running the Oracle database and cleint-side locatons generally do not fall into this category.

Another way to make PL/SQL interactive would be to use a tool that is designed to interact with the client such as Oracle Forms or Oracle Application Express but then PL/SQL would be just a small part of the application.

For more details on PL/SQL see

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